Food Festivals

If you live in Delhi, love food and enjoy alfresco dining you are very lucky.  The cooler months see some outstanding food festivals come to town to tempt Dilliwalahs with their yummy menus.

The cooler months see alfesco dining down at Delhi’s green open spaces and stadiums. Food festivals usually start in November and come to a close by the end of March.

This post presents a run down of some of the festivals that come to the city and when you should block out your diary with the words, “out eating.”

Grub Fest – Late October/ early November and March

Claiming to be India’s biggest food festival (we’re not sure), Grub Fest takes places twice a year.  Usually in late October / early November and then in March, the 2017 edition is taking place on the 17th – 19th March.  Find out more on Facebook.

NAVSI Festival – usually in December

National Association of Street Vendors of India food festival takes place in December. NASVI started in 2011 and is a great place to get into India’s street food.  To find out more about the festival check out the website, Facebook and Twitter.  Usually head at JLN Stadium, near Lodi Colony.

Lloyd Palate Fest – usually in November, but moved to February in 2017

Due to demonitiasation in late 2016, this Festival moved from its usual Novemeber slot to February in 2017.  What happens after this we’ll have to wait and see.  As well culinary delights from five star hotel restaurants and independent artisans and traders, there’s also music, cookery lessons and lots of fun to be had.  Follow the festival on Facebook

Asian Hawkers  – usually in November, but moved to February in 2017

Another festival that faced demonitiasation, Asian Hawkers brings the best of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and South-East Asian cuisines to at Select City Walk, New Delhi. 

Foodistan at the Ten Heads Festival – usually late in the year

Another end of the year event that fell to demonitiastion, Ten Heads offer up ten festivals one of which is focused in on food.   Follow Facebook for dates and venue.

Gourmet  High Street Festival – around the turn of the year

There’s a cooking studio, a barbeque party, a sipping turf and plenty to eat at Gourmet .  Master chefs like Snajeev Kapoor will be here.  Find out more on Facebook or on the festival website.  Takes place in Gurugram.






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