Fine dining and street food

Delhi is a foodies dream.  A melting pot of cuisines from India’s 29 States and 7 Union Territories, there’s never going to be a shortage of new street food to try out or fine dining restaurants to sample.  If you’re in Delhi, your tummy is very lucky.

Street Food Safety Tips – Tucking into Delhi’s never ending array street food is a real treat. Many of my most enjoyable moments have been spent at street food and tea stalls.  The smell, the taste and the sight of scrumptious street snacks makes me go weak at the knees.  But Delhi Belly strikes fear into the heart of many, here’s Namaste New Delhi’s street food safety tips

Guide to Indian Food – Talk to someone from Tamil Nadu and they’ll be quick to tell you all about the famed masala dosa and why it is India’s national dish.  But strike up a conversation the next second with someone from Kolkata and the talk will quickly turn from dosas to fish, and the bony, but beautiful Hilsa that Bengali’s enjoy so much.  What to know what’s what and get to enjoy the wide selection, read this post.

Food Festivals – The cooler months see alfesco dining down at Delhi’s green open spaces and stadiums.  Food festivals usually start in November and come to a close by the end of March.   Nehru Park PSOI and JLN Stadium are two popular venues for the most famed festivals.  Find out more on these pages.

Delhi’s luxourious dining rooms – From street food to fine dining, I’m aiming to eat my way across the capital.  There’s a lot of eating to be done and I’ve appointed myself as the man to do it.  I know, it’s a tough job. I best get on with it. This blog post leaves behind the delights of street food and offers up four luxury dining rooms.  They made an impression on me, I hope they have the same effect on you too

Super South Indian If you love dosa, value a vada and score south Indian khana on the quality of the sambhar, then this rundown of six superb south Indian diners is a must read (and a must eat).

The best North Indian and Punjabi – With so many places serving up top notch North Indian and Punjabi food it’s been almost impossible limiting this list to just ten places.  But we’ve done it and here are the answers.

Top of the class Mughali kitchens – Karim’s in Shahjahanabad is in all the guide books, but there’s so much more to Mughlai food in Delhi than this one kitchen. Wondering where to go to get the best kebabs, korma and roomali roti? Read our guide to the best Mughlai kitchens in the city.

Top class chicken fryers –  KFC claims to be finger lickin good, but in Old Delhi you’ll find two chicken fryers that put the Colonel back in his box.   Ready to meet Delhi’s finest chicken fryers?  Let’s eat.

Awesome sweet houses – This list is bound to create some debate, but discussion is a good thing when it comes to searching out the most mouth watering mithaee (sweets).  Here’s the shops we reckon top the list. Want to know what’s what when it comes to sweets, then the Namaste New Delhi Get to know your sweets guide is what you want to read.

Delhi’s best bakers – What’s the best biscuit to take with your chai or cup of tea?  Here’s a run down of the bakers that make the best biscuits in the city.  Believe me we’ve taken enough tea and eaten enough biscuits to be the authority in the city.

Leading Lassi walahs – Lassi is sweet.  Lassi is cool.  Lassi is, quite simply, lovely.  This blend of yoghurt, milk and sugar is a drink to die for.  I break my own street food safety test when it comes to this sweet street delight.  You see, lassi comes with crushed ice to keep it cool.  I know.  It’s not great to drink the ice, but I just can’t resist on a hot summers day.  Or a cool winters morn.

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