News to us – Here’s what we learned this week

The unfurling of a record breaking Indian flag, a cycle ride celebrating Delhi’s diversity, a fascinating discussion about demonetisation and the talents of Kautilya, India’s master strategist interested us this week.  Delhi Cocktail Week, coming up next month, interests us too.


What measures 3.2 kilometres long and nine feet wide?  A record beating flag

To promote patriotism, national integration and communal harmony,Vikram Jeet Duggal, a Commissioner of Police in the southern state of Telangana, proposed a record breaking flag.  He got his wish

25 tailors took over a fortnight to stitch together a 3.2 km tricolour that took a staggering 15,000 people to unfurl.   Read more about in the Hindu.  Well done, we say.

Is Delhi your second home?  It is.  Celebrate with a bike ride 

94.3 Radio One wants to celebrate the capital’s diversity and can think of no better way of doing that than by hosting a cycle ride. The ‘Ride for Unity’ will take place in February and the station is calling on all Delhi residents, wherever they are from, to get together, saddle up and cycle around the city.

While you’re waiting for the ride to happen, why not see how many Delhi landmarks and you can spot in this two minute video clip.  (@radioone.del)

It’s been 80 odd days since demonetisation. Did Modi achieve what he set out too? 

Bonfire of Banknotes, a BBC podcast hosted by David Aaronovitch, sees a panel of experts share their thoughts on the story of demonetisation and what the results have been.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, author of a biography about Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times, Ila Patnaik, former economic advisor to the Modi government and a professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Douglas Busvine, Reuters bureau chief in New Delhi; and Justin Rowlatt, BBC South Asia Correspondent, speak to Aaronovitch about the biggest economic event in 2016.

What would Kautilya have to say about demonetisation?

Kautilya (also known as Chanakya), statesman and chief advisor to Indian Emperor Chandrajgupta Maurya in the 4th century BC, is considered one of the most gifted politicians of all time.

The author of the Arthaśāstra, an ancient guide to the art of statecraft, governance and military strategy, Kautilya was a master strategist.  His approach to governing, according to German  sociologist Max Weber, makes Machiavelli’s The Prince look harmless.

Sunil Khilnani tells the story of Kautilya in this 15 minute podcast 

It’s back! Cocktail week comes to Delhi for its second edition

The success of the first ever cocktail week last year sees a bigger, brighter and all together more exuberant festival come to the capital this February.

About 20 different cocktail related events will be taking place at over 30 bars, lounges, clubs  and restaurants right across the city for a whole week. As well as sampling the work of local and international bar tenders, there’s also the chance to learn about the magic of mixology and pick up some tricks on how to create that perfect cocktail.

What to know more about it?  Head over to the Delhi Cocktail Week website or check out Facebook for up to date news.

(@radioone.del) (@delhicocktailweek)


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