Old Delhi sweet dreams: Daulat ki Chaat


During the winter months Daulat ki Chaat walas appear in the Old city much to its residents’ delight.  But the days of the Daulat ki Chaat wala are numbered, get to the old city quick smart to try this dessert while you still have the chance.

There’s no other place Delhi where you can get your hands on this delightful dish and the Daulat ki Chaat walas aren’t all local.  Some travel to the capital from other cities to sell this much sought after sweet.

Outside of the capital, Daulet ki Chaat is available in a couple of places, but under a different name.  In Varanasi it’s called malayo, whilst in Lucknow it takes on the title of Nimish.

But by the last week of February, whatever city your in, it’s all going to be over: the white, soft, delicate sweet will be gone for yet another year.

Pravinder Kumar, a  Daulat ki Chaat walah who sets up his stall in around Chawri Bizaar, comes to the old city from Varanasi each winter.  He pounds the Old City whilst his brother sells Daulet Ki Chaat back home in Varansai.

He tells me that Daulat is made of milk and sugar that’s been whipped furiously for 3 hours.  It’s then topped off with some saffron and served with khoya, pistachio and (more) sugar. The result, a delicate, light and fluffy heaven sent sweet, that dis-integerates as soon as touches the tongue.

Another Mr Kumar (not related and not all Daulet Ki Chaat sellers are called Kumar), a third generation Daulet ki Chaat wala, is my current favourite.

He can be found in Katra Neel Gali, running from Tulsi Ram Seth Marg to Chandni Chowk.  His grandfather sold Daulet ki Chaat in this same gali and he tells me his son will do the same too.

Adding a few extra pistachios to the topping Mr Kumar gets special mention.  But his position on my leader board might only be temporary,  there’s still time for more Daulet ki Chaat walas to be met and their product to tested in the streets and gulis of the old city for a few more days.

On the hunt for Daulat ki Chaat.

This group of foreigners visitors went out in the Old City to find some Daulat ki Chaat Wala’s.  Here’s a video clip of their journey searching for the sweetest of sweets and what they discovered along the way.





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