Old Delhi Sweet Dreams: Giani Di Hatti

giani-di-hattiGiani Di Hatti has a reputation for serving the best Rabri Faludu in the city during the summer months and the best gajar halwa at winter time.  It’s a reputation that’s well deserved.

Giani Gurcharan Singh is yet another partition refugee who brought himself, his family and business to the capital.

Settling in Old Delhi, Giani reinvented his stall from Layalpur, Pakistan, and built the foundations of a business that has since blossomed into a sizeable enterprise.

I’m told what made Giani’s such a success in the first place was Rabri Faluda and Halwa – two dishes that this Old Delhi store, just of Chandni Chowk is still famed for.

Rabri, made from boiled milk, cream, nuts, sugar and cardamon, is combined with vermicelli noodles (that’s the falunda).  It’s not for everyone, but it sure keeps you cool in the summer and fills you up too.  The crowds gathered round are a testament that this place is a firm favourite.  Pay the man in the kiosk, take your slip of paper to the server and up comes the sweet treat you’ve selected.


God bless Giani’s gajar halwa

Come winter time tastes change and it is the the gagar (carrot) halwa, made with the finest desi ghee and pack with nuts and dried fruits that brings in the punters.

It tickles your tongue with different taste sensations, warms you up inside and gives you that gheey sugar rush.  Giani also do a mighty fine Moong ke Dal halwa too, but I’m a gagar type of guy each and every time.

There’s mains to eat as well as shakes, smoothies and about 50 different flavours of ice cream.  The success of the ice creams business since 1956 has seen a franchise business pop up and stores appear right across the capital.

For me though, the ice cream doesn’t cut it compared to what others have got.  It’s all about the rabri faluda in the summer and the gagar halwa in the winter.

Oh yeah, but while we’re here, Giani Di Hatti also does a pretty decent chole bhature too.  Main and two or three deserts anyone?

Giani’s  can be found at Church Mission Road, Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk, 110006


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