Expat groups and networks in Delhi NCR


India can be a culture shock when you first arrive.  If you looking to connect with other expatriates for advice, friendship and some fun, these groups and networks could be just what you want. 

“Delhi means everything to me. This city has given me everything and I love it.”

Virat Kohli’s, India’s cricket captain, holds the national capital close to his heart.  Not everyone shares his passion.  Tina Turner came here in 2004 and was taken aback.

“Delhi came as a shock. There were so many people, and oh, the traffic,” she said. Ten years on, Delhi has an even bigger population and oh, today’s traffic!

Busy, bright, bustling, bamboozling and brilliant, Delhi NCR (and India more widely) is an attack on the senses.  Suffering culture shock?  Grab a seat and see which expat group could help give you a good grounding about life in Delhi and India.


Founded in 1947, the AWA encourages friendship and fellowship amongst fellow Americans and provides opportunities to work with local charitable organisations.  More about the AWA at this website.


A mission to welcome Francophones in New Delhi.    For more information check out their Facebook page.

Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Group

Started over a cup of coffee in 1952 with an annual membership of 5INR, the Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Group aims to develop cultural and social activities among women from India & other commonwealth countries.  Today, there’s over 400 members from different Commonwealth countries.  Click here to find out more.

Delhi Network

A not for profit organisation that exists to connect expatriates with one another across Delhi  and the NCR.  Arranges weekly coffee mornings, get togethers, events and more for its 500+ members.  Click on the link to find out more.

Gurgaon Connection

Gurgaon Connection is a community for expatriates who live or work in Gurgaon.  Providing a platform for learning about India, integrating into the community and getting to know what’s what with new friends.    All foreign passport holders are welcomed.  For more information, click here.


Present in 390 cities worldwide and with 2.5 million members, Internations aims to make life easier for expatriates.  Organising social gathering, business networking and providing a platform for expat members to get together and make friends.  Membership is free, find out more on the website.

Primo Privilege

Primo Privilege claims to have 1200 members from over 20 countries in Delhi NCR. Membership offers networking opportunities with privileges and discounts at the best local brands and international luxury destinations.  More on the website.

Seven Cities

Seven Cities is run by expats for expats and gives new arrivals and those that are eager to explore the seven cities of Delhi a chance to explore, meet new people, make friends and be a tour guide for a day.  Each spring and fall a new group starts.  For more information about seven cities, the schedule and how to register, click here.

United Nations Women’s Association

A group for United Nations staff and families living and working in New Delhi, the UNWA also works with local communities.  Head over to the UNWA website for more information.

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Image comes courtsey of Pixabey.  Thanks.


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