Old Delhi Sweet Dreams: Shyam sweets


Founded at the turn of the 20th century, Shyam sweethouse is a much loved Old Delhi institution that’s made into onto many of the walled city’s famous food walks. 

Shyam says that they have the widest selection of sweets in Old city.

It’s a claim I’m not going to dispute until I’ve tasted every single one of their selection and then eaten every sweet on their competitors’ shelves too.

In my ever widening experience of Shyam’s sweets my advice is simple: pick any sweet display and you won’t be disappointed.

But you must pick more than one.  I insist.  I’ve do have a soft spot for their besan ladoo, so I’m  pointing you in that direction to start with.

Another tip, whatever sweets you choose, take a lassi with it. Shyam do an awfully good one.  To top it all off, it comes served in an authentic Kulhar (terracotta disposable pot).

The original store, founded by Shri Lala babu Ram ji in 1910, can be found at 112, Chawri Bazar, Chowk Barshahbulla.  A second outlet has opened in Darya-Ganj.  Here’s the website that gives you all you need to know.

Shyam Sweets, Chawri Bizaar, opposite the turning for Nai Sarak.  Here’s a map.


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