Expat support: New Delhi Facebook Groups


Facebook can a good friend for expats looking to hear about the experiences and insights of other expats.  Here’s some groups offering hints and tips on a range of topics, from flats and furnishing to food and fun stuff. 

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to what’s on Facebook, but here’s a six Facebook groups (including my own) that  might do useful to expats at different times for different reasons.

Delhi Dish

Perhaps the premier Facebook group for expats.  Describes itself as a group to help newcomers and veterans support each other in learning how things work here and finding the best parts of New Delhi. No advertising, no apartment listings, no contacting individual members. Head on over to Delhi Dish at this link


Started in 2012 and now with other 13,000 members, Yuni-net is a closed group that says it was started to help foreigners, but has many Indian members. You’ll find posts about rent/accommodation and buying and selling furniture. Here is the link

Expats in Delhi

Expats in Delhi describes itself as a networking group for expats currently living (or soon to arrive) in Delhi and Gurgaon.  A closed group, that’s is restricted to expats and Indian Nationals who have lived more than 10 years abroad.  For accommodation, buying, selling and other bits and pieces about the city. If you want to know more, take a look at this link.

Expat Info Delhi

This group says it has been created to provide expatriates and fellow Indians, who live, will move to or are attached to New Delhi, with a platform where they can share useful information.  Everything and anything is posted of this site, so some careful sifting is needed to help you find what you are looking for.   More at this link.

NCR Kids and Babies

Says it is an online space for parents to sell items, ask questions, share ideas, look for ayahs, plan play dates, anything related to babies, kids, parents in New Delhi / Gurgaon and surrounding areas. More about this group at this link


The Facebook site of the blogger.  Small, cosy and suitably well formed (or so he says), Namaste New Delhi aims to help expats explore, experience and enjoy the city by providing information and ideas about what to see and do when living in New Delhi.  Find out more at this link.


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