Delhi Expats: Here’s some helpful events and entertainment sites


Namaste New Delhi blogs about events and activities on a weekly basis, but make sure you check out these other sites to find out what’s happening in the city.

Finding out what’s happening, where and when in New Delhi isn’t as simple and straightforward as it first sounds.

Sure, there’s always seems to be plenty of events taking place in capital, but many appear at a moments notice (if they are advertised at all).

Those of us that have been living in the city for a little while will be all too familiar with that feeling of finding out about exciting stuff after it has happened.  Why, oh why, wasn’t it advertised better you’ll wonder!

Namaste New Delhi blogs for fun about bits and pieces that are happening in the city, but there’s other online sites that make a business out of presenting, promoting and advertising activities in and around the capital.

Check them out, but remember to check what you are reading.  It not always clear whether articles are always independently written, or whether advertorials and paid for content reigns supreme.

Little Black Book

Little Black Books says that its platform scours out all that’s new, old, trending, interesting, innovative, hip, exciting, artisanal, eclectic, mainstream, and any other stream you float.  Click on this link to see if it floats your boat.

SO Delhi

SO says is a leading city & entertainment guide filled with hand-picked recommendations of what to do in your city, explore hidden gems and be the first to get the latest buzz.  Decide whether you agree by taking a look at this link.

Time out

This international brand had a printed edition in Delhi until a few years back, but now is online.  Search for events, activities and entertainment by day, week and month, and by category.  Jam packed with detail.  Check out what’s what at this link. – the Delhi edition

Broken down into six sections, Popular, Events, Food, Travel, Workshops and Festivals, Insider calls itself a curated lifestyle platform that gives you access to a handpicked selection of events and products.  It’s active all  over India, so if you want to get an idea what’s going on in other India cities it’s a go place to go too.  Head on over to Insider’s Delhi edition at this link.

Book My Show

Cut and shape what events and activities you want to find out about by category and timeframe using Book My Show handy web portal.  This website also acts as host platform for many pay for events and enables payment through its portal.  From local walks to international concernts, this is a website that’s got big coverage.  Take a look here.

Delhi Tourism

You might be an expat, but you’re also a tourist right?  The Delhi Tourism website gives a pretty good overview of the city and also lets you know about events being organised by the city authorities.  Click here for more.

There’s others out there, if you think there’s a particularly super site that other expats should know about, email and lets us know.  Thanks.


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