India’s first break room opens up

televisionHad a bad day?  Then why not pay to smash stuff up to calm yourself down?  India’s first Break Room has opened up in Gurugram and promises you a smashing time.

Had a tough week at work?  Can’t get rid of all that anger and pent up aggression?

If only there was a place where you can smash stuff up and not get in trouble with the law.  Well, you’ll be glad (or is that amazed to hear) that such a place now exists in Gurugram.

India’s first break room offers you the chance to pay for the privilege of smashing things up.

Costing 200 INR for 15 minutes for a basic break session, it is also possible to purchase more items to smash up from a break list: a menu of stuff that you can smash up to reflect the bad mood that you are in.

A phone is worth 150 INR and gets you an extra minute, whilst a printer comes in at 300INR and buys 3 more minutes.  You can even bring your own item and pay 200 INR for the privilege ofsmashing something you already own for two more minutes.  Mental, I know.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are some rules when it comes to participating in this strange way of cooling off. The website says those under 18, expectant mothers, sufferers of severe to moderate health conditions including but not limited to heart or lung issues, mental health history or are a danger to themselves or others are not permitted to participate in the Break Room.

You can smash stuff up in the break room until the 31st March.  That’s if you really want too.  For more information, head on over to the website (simply to see that this is made up)

Here’s another idea.  Make yourself a nice cup of tea and have a biscuit.   Who was it that said “A cup of tea makes everything better”?

Life would be dull and boring if we were all the same. The world is wonderful because it’s made up of people with different interests, doing varied things and finding fun and excitement in their own things.  But sometimes, some things make us go mmm.


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