Watch out! Keep your eyes open

After putting my size 11 shoes on a puppy, nearly putting my foot on a pig while taking a photo of a cow and then seeing a man pulled out of a manhole cover, it’s easy to appreciate why keeping your eyes open and wits about you is important when walking around Delhi’s streets.

Having fallen foul of my third rule of wandering on a late spring February ramble around the Old City, it’s time to reveal the errors of reading messages and checking emails when wandering  on Delhi’s streets.

Whilst it might not be smart thing to do, it does lead to some entertaining stories.

Watch out and let sleeping dogs lie

Now that the sun is out, the dogs are enjoying sun bathing on pavements after a night of excessive barking.  The pups are following their parent’s example and lying prostrate on the pavement for most of the afternoon too.


This presents risks for pedestrians and well as dogs and pups.  Especially when lumbering humans haven’t got their eyes open.

I’m sorry to say I now know what a pup sounds like when a UK size 11 boot lands on little body.  Before the dog protection league attacks me, it was an accident.

Wandering around Mori Gate whilst looking at my phone meant I was less than attentive.  I felt terrible.  The pup felt worse.  After about 15 seconds of ear screeching howling, there was some whimpering and then silence from under the vegetable cart.

Fortunately for me, Mum was not around to take a bite out of me for my mishap.  The lesson, watch out where your walking and let sleeping dogs lie.

Boars can camouflage themselves really well in Delhi dust

Those of you that read this blog regularly will know that I’ve got a thing for cows and cattle, so when the chance to click a picture of a beautiful bull just of the railway track on wasteland at Tis Hazari, nr Kashmeri Gate, I wasn’t going to miss the chance.


What a beautiful bull, but no sight of boars

My first picture was of my usual poor standard, so decided to try and get out of the sunlight for the second take.  It was at point that my heart jumped out of my body as a big hairy boar grunted its disapproval at being disturbed.  And came for me.  I was off.  I’m a coward at the best of times, but when it comes to taking on a boar, it’s best to do it from a safe distance, behind a wall and armed with a great big stick.


Woken from a slumber a boar is not beast to mess with

The lesson, watch out for camouflaged boars.  They, like dogs, like to sleep during the daytime and don’t appreciate a wake-up call from an inconsiderate foreigner.

Man holes don’t always have covers

And you don’t want to find out what’s inside by getting close and personal like the guy.

This photograph was taken on Church Mission Road, near St Stephen’s Church, but all is not what it seems.  The gentleman in question hadn’t fallen down the hole, but was clearing out a blockage.


Down a hole on Church Mission Road

It’s a beyond grim job.  This manhole cover had a man inside to soften the blow of any smartphone reading person who fell down inside.  The one further down the road didn’t.

Luckily at this point in the day I’d already trod on puppy and been berated by a boar, so I had my eyes wide open to avoid a hole in the road.

You never know what you might

The other reason to look around is you never know what you might see.  Delhi is jam packed to exploding point with surprises if you’ve got your eyes open.  Cows on roofs and monkeys in courtrooms are just two of the things to see around Tis Hazari.


What’s that cow doing on the roof?


Tis Hazari Court House has a monkey problem

After an eventful journey I arrived safe and sound at Lower Court, Tis Hazari this weekend (my afternoon at the courthouse is a story for another day).  No monkey business, no monkey problems and another day of freedom to wander around the steets; which is my greatest Delhi pleasure.


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