Delhi Ice Creams: Ping’s Homemade Coconut Jaggery is Joyous!


Now that the warm weather is on the way its ice cream time!  First up to take the taste test is Ping in Lodi Colony who serve up a homemade coconut jaggery ice cream that will blow your socks off.

Ping.  What a place to start this season’s ice cream adventure!

I feel like I’ve already hit the jackpot.  Ping, by PCO, serves up a homemade jaggery coconut ice cream that will, quite simply, blow your socks off.

I’m serious.  It’s worth getting excited about, very excited about.   But first up a little bit about Ping, before we get onto the serious business of puddings and their awesome homemade ice cream.

Pings by PCO is an cafe offering healthy Asian street food.  Now, that’s a pleasure in more ways than one.


There’s not that many places where find well tasty asian greens when you’ve got a craving for something healthy.  Add in nicely decorated interior, cool lights to call for waiter service and soft restaurant lighting provided by cool metal street lights, and retro 80s and 90s music in the background, and Pings have created a cool ambience to serve up good food from a menu that packed with choice.

But this blog is all about ice cream – the homemade jaggery coconut ice cream in case you had forgotten.

So, to start with, what’s jaggery? Commonly called ‘gur’ in India, Jaggery is unrefined sugar made from cane or palm sugar.

India is responsible for 70% of the world’s production and were pleased to say that some of it has found its way into Pings ice cream. The molasses content of the jaggery gives the ice cream a brown sugar, treacley, buttery caramel type flavour.  Yeap, it’s tough to describe, but boy it’s a good taste in the background that doesn’t overpower.

The coconut is a the fore front of the taste sensation.  There’s no grainy taste from the coconut pieces which have been well desiccated to give the ice cream a smooth and creamy flavour.

To score this ice cream out of 10 is easy.  It’s a ten.  I know that’s a big score, but you got to be fare when you’re faced with something that tastes this good.  Thanks Mr Ping.

You can order this amazing Ice Cream on its own (245 INR a serve) or on top of Sticky Banana Pudding (275 INR a serve).  Amazing on its own, it doesn’t needed to be complemented with anything.  The banana pudding is good, not that sticky, more spongy.  On balance, I reckon get the ice cream on its own.

Find out more about Pings on Facebook or at their website.

All prices quoted are exclusive of taxes.



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