New Delhi Expats: Real Post Reports


If you want to know what a post is really like, then check out what’s been written independently by expats posted to different parts of the world.

Tales from a Small Planet was founded at the turn of the millennium by a group of U.S. Foreign Service spouses who had previously collaborated on the “Spouses’ Underground Newsletter” (SUN)

A reader supported non-profit organization, it is home to Real Post Reports, a US Foreign service tradition that documents the experience of expatriates who have lived in cities and countries right around the world.

Focusing on three main services; the Real Post Reports, the Real School Reports, and high-quality, edited stories that tell “what it’s really like to live there”, this might be worth reading if your coming to Delhi or have just arrived in the city.

It’s selection of real post reports from all over the world at can be found at this link.

Real post reports on Indian Cities can be found at this link, for those focusing on Delhi click here.  There’s a couple of Real School Reports, but they were a little bit dated the last time we checked.



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