15 things to do in the month of March


Wondering what to do in the merry month of March?  Then these fifteen ideas might give you some inspiration.

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the spring will soon be something from the distant past.  Get out and about while the weather is still cool and enjoy what Delhi has to offer.

Last chance to take in the beautiful Mughal Gardens

Impressive isn’t the word when it comes to the gardens at Rashtrapati Bhavan (the President’s House). It’s not open to the public all the time, but when the President issues his invite Dilliwalahs come in there droves.  For more information click on this link.

Film and Talk: Farewell my Indian Soldier Alliance Française de Delhi on the 10th March

Farewell My Indian Soldier (Mademoiselle France pleure) is a moving docu-fuction portrayal of Indian soldiers who came to fight in France and Belgium during the First World War. A film by Vijay Singh.

City Scripts, 10th -12th March, India International Centre and Goethe Institute

To write about the city is to stake a right to represent, re-imagine and re-tell a city’s stories through personal prism, says the flyer for this writing festival.  A three day festival about words.  Wonderful.  Over to Facebook for more.

Tattave Festival, Zorba the Buddha, 10th – 12th March

Three days of meditation, mindfulness and creative ways to express yourself.  Art, craft, dance and design are all on offer at this free festival.  Take a look here for more

Pianoman Jazz Festival, all month long

Like Jazz: you’ll love the Pianoman.  There’s a selection of musical maestros here every night of the week, every night of the year.  It’s a never ending festival of funky jazz.  Find out if it for you right here.

Did someone say Holi?  13th March

It’s time to get the gujjia in and play colours.  Another fabulous festival celebrating the victory of good over evil.  There’s holi parties happening all over the city.  Check out some of these sites if you’re looking for something to do.

Experimental Calligraphy, anti SOCIAL on the 18th March

Ever wanted to write words that look beautiful?  Unleash yourself and see what you can create with this calligraphy class at anti-social.  Find out more on Facebook.

Grub Fest: Get Eating from 17th – 19th March

The end of spring and the start of summer sees another excuse to celebrate with your taste buds.  The good people at Grub Fest bring Dilliwalahs another food festival.  Yum.  Find out more at this link.

Oddessy IIITD New Delhi, 24th and 25th March

Taking place over two days, Odyssey offers music, literature, lifestyle, design, dance, food and more at an annual cultural festival.  Head on over to this website to find out more.

Jahan e Khusrau, 24th – 26th March

The Parrot of India, Amir Khusrau, Sufi musician, scholar and poet, spiritual disciple of  Nizamuddin Auliya, and the father of the qawwali, is an iconic figure in the cultural history of the subcontinent.  His work will be celebrated over three days.   More information on Facebook.   Contact the organisors on Facebook for ticket information.

Dessertarian Festival will be sweet from the 24th – 26th March

If you love sweet things and can’t get enough of after dinner treats at any time of the day or night, then Dessertarian Festival could be a dangerous place for you to go.  So much sweetness to select from.  Here’s where to start.

Pink Post presents Summer Cut on the 25th March

The best of brands from apparel, fusion, kids wear, home and accessories all under one roof.  Over to Facebook to find out more and whether it is for you.

Conservation Education Centre takes you away from the city on the 25th March

The wonderful people at the Conservation Education Centre are organising some more walks on the wild side.  Get out into some green space by signing up to the safari and lake drive in late March.  More at this link.

Walks, talks and tours to explore the city whenever you want.

It’s the weather to be out and about.  If you want to get to know Delhi, its history, its people and its yummy street food, here’s ten excellent ways to explore the city.

Wondering what else is on?

Check out this post that pin points some of the best websites to find out what’s going on in and around the city.


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