Gujjia – Holi’s special sweet

gujjia holi

Holi is here and that means Indian’s have another excuse to celebrate the victory of good or evil with a great sweet.  The gujjia is only available for a short time, so make sure when playing colours you get stuck into this special Holi Sweet.

Gujjia arrives in North India for a few weeks around Holi.  It’s a sweet that you should get to know.

What it is? Gujjia is a sizeable sweet, shaped like a pasty or a dumpling.  The pasty is made from wheat flour or semolina (or a mix of the two), whilst the inner cavity is home to khoya and  some other special treats.  And there’s lots of sugar toa dd into the mix too (what else did you expect).

Khoya, dried, evaporated milk solids, which is also called mawa, is the simple standard filling.  Khoya is hard, but it’s crumbled up and stuffed inside the pasty and, depending on where you shop, might be mixed with crushed nuts, coconut or raisins.

There might be some cardamom |to give it that distinct flavour of the subcontinent.  Saffron is a popular too (no surprises there).  These saffron flavoured gujjia stand out from the crowd with their orange glow.

Wondering what you’ll get from your gujjia?  Whilst the sweet pasty might look the same on the outside, what packs a punch in the middle depends on the type you buy and the speciality of the shop that you buy from.

Gujjia is cook in big khadi’s of ghee and finally submerged in sugar solution to give them that sugary glaze.

potli ganesha

Gujjia do come in different shapes and sizes.  This version, the Potli, a traditional money pouch can be found at Ganesha Sweet House on Mehar Chand Marg

What makes a good gujjia?  That depends on your taste buds.  So, make sure you sample plenty.

But aside from taste, what defines a good gujjia is the amount of filling.  You should feel hard done by it’s pretty empty inside.  A little bit of space is fine, but where there’s too much of a gap you’re not getting a good deal.

What’s next? You and I know the best way to find out the answers.  Grab some gujjia from your local sweet house and get stuck in.

Where can I get my gujjia?  Every sweet shop in city will have a stock of gujjia, but these sweet houses are amongst my favourites.

When can I get my hands on gujjia?  Right now.  For a few days after Holi the gujjia will still be about, but then it will be gone.

Wait you waiting for?  Get moving.


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