Delhi Fine Dining: Bukhara

Bukhara is probably the most talked about restaurant in the capital.  This multi award winning restaurant has been serving politicians, celebrities and Dilliwalahs food the North Western Frontier for around 40 years. 

The kitchen’s busy chefs can be seen cooking in clay ovens, whilst hospitable staff bring food to the table and encourage diners to eat with their hands.

Indian and international politicians, pop, film and sports stars, and other cultural icons, have all been here since the doors opened.  You’ll be eating in good company.

The Murgh Malai Kebab (creamy chicken with green chilly and coriander), Tandoori Phool (cauliflower seasoned with yellow chilli and spices) and Tandoori Shimla Mirch (Capsicum / Peppers stuffed with beans, vegetables, cashews and sultanas) are special.

Mention must also be made of the famed Dal Bukhara. Cooked for 18 hours and said to be the best in the business, since opening in 1978 Bukhara reckon they’ve served 2.5 million dishes of this rich creamy dal.  If you’re hungry, there’s also Bukhara’s mammoth family naan, which has a diameter of about 4 feet.

There’s a number of other restaurants at the ITC Maurya, but let’s be honest, the only reason to go to them is if Bukhara is booked up.

It’s popular, so make reservation to make sure you avoid disappointment.  Find out more about Bukhara at this website.


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