Delhi’s quiet spaces: A special place near Siri Fort

Siri Fort Mosque Secret Garden

Muhammadwali Mosque, see the stairway to the far left

With 25 million people living across the Delhi NCR, securing a quiet green space all to yourself isn’t easy.  But we’ve found some: don’t tell everyone where they are.  Second in the series is a little place near the Children’s Replica Museum, Siri Fort

Siri Fort isn’t a quiet place, the Siri Fort Auditorium certainly isn’t, but there’s a secret place where very few people go that’s green, quiet and home to some Lodi era mosques and tombs that you can have all to yourself.

Siri Fort is Delhi’s second city, built by Alaud Din Khalji, is early 1300 to protect Delhi from marauding Moghol attacks.   This spot, boxed in by Hauz Khas Forest, a school cricket field and Shahpur Ja,t is a little oasis where the odd worker comes at lunchtime to lie down under a tree.

The security guard looked flustered the first time I came. I suspect he’d never been briefed what to do in case a tourist came by. He probably thought I was lost.

Siri Fort Secret Garden Space

It’s green, tree covered and hardly anyone comes

What’s here?  On this long thin strip of land there’s the Siri Wall, grass, flowerbeds, trees for shade and very few people.  On top of that, there’s Tofhewala Gumbad, and Makhdum and Muhammadwali mosques, from the Lodi period.

Muhammadwali mosque (pictured above), in its own enclosure, to the left of the strip, has traces of blue tiling, niches and a domed chamber that are tell tale signs of the Lodi period.

Built somewhere between 1451 – 1526, you can climb the stairs of this mosque and ascend on to the roof top to look around.  You will be on your own, take a seat, survey what is around and enjoy your own Siri Fort Garden.

It’s opposite the Children’s Replica Museum: Master pieces on Indian Art which, by all accounts, has a pretty good garden too.  This museum, set up in 2008, has replicas of sculptures from right across the subcontinent.  For more information on the museum, click here.

Find this glorious green space is off August Kranti Marg, on Khel Goan Marg, the entrance gate is roughly opposite the Replica Children’s Museum.  Entry is free (to both the museum and the garden).  This google map gives you a rough idea.


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