Market Guide: Shahpur Jat

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An Urban Village in the heart Delhi, Shahpur Jat is located near to the walls of the ancient city of Siri Fort.  Home to fashion boutiques, upcoming eateries and other trendy shops, it’s a cool quarter for Delhi’s upwardly mobile.

Shahpurjat has been missing from Namaste New Delhi’s list of market reviews for far too long now.   Springing

The reason for this is quite simple, it’s a place where this blogger is a bit out of his depth.  Home to high end ladies fashion boutiques (it has a street called Fashion Street) and stores stocking home accessories, it’s a place where I’m well out of my depth.

Thankfully, I don’t have to blag it in this blog.  Conde Nast Traveller has a feature on 25 stores that stock fashion, home accessories, apparel and other words that mean nothing to me. So, it’s over to them for the low down on who’s who, and what they do.

This article is a few years old, but much of what’s reference is still in place when I went for a wander around.  Click here to read what Conde Nast have to say.

For what it is worth, there’s a couple of places that I’d like to wave a flag for.

Bharat Floorings and Tiles: India does an impressive tile and Bharat Tiles opened up shop in Shahpur Jat in late 2016.  Having been in the business for 90 years this company know a thing or two about tiles and has brought it’s business from Mumbai to the capital.  Check out the link

Por Belly: Offers up brilliant Bihari cusines. Spicy, rich in flavour and wonderful.  Litti Choka, mutton and chicken dishes to get excited about.

Ivy and Bean: Offering up modern Australian cuisine, this place is popular with punters.  Want to hear what people have to say about its tucker, then head on over to Zomato.  Four stars out of five aint a bad rating, is it?  Find out more on Facebook.

Last but not least, there is Kamalini: A vocational training centre empowering under privileged young women and girls.  Offering education and vocational career opportunities, this NGO is busy making a difference.  Find out more about what they do, where and whether you could help them out, at this link.

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