Market Guide: Green Park Main Market


This long strip of a street running east to west from Aurobindo Marg towards Haus Khas Village Road, has a good selection of shops and a few extra special places that are worthy worth mention. 

Green Park is a solid neighbourhood market that caters for the upwardly mobile residents of the colony and attracts Dilliwalahs from other areas of south Delhi and beyond.

Let’s start out with the basics, if you want to get connected there’s an Airtel and a Vodafone shop , whilst Archies, the stationers, will cover off all your office, school and some craft requirements.

When it comes to money matters, there’s a Standard Chartered and a HDFC to sort you out with cash. For general provisions, there’s a few stores dotted up and down the parade.  If your after Indian and international magazines, check out the market stalls on the north side of the street.

How fabulous, there’s a Fab India!

Fab India, a hugely popular store offering clothing, household items and host of other products, has a stall for you to explore in Green Park.  Find out more about Fab India at this post.

Take your pick of high end hairdressers

There must be lots of ladies in Green Park to keep all its high end hair salons in business.  Madonna Hair and Beauty, Looks Hair Salon, Ozone Salon, Toni and Guy and Affinity Hair offer high end haircuts and some pampering services you might want to check out

Something to eat or drink?

There’s a good selection of places to puop into, such as the Madras Cafe and Ananda Bhawan, both serving south Indian, but it’s really all about Evergreens at C29 – 30, isn’t it?

Evergreen’s, established in 1963, is a similar set up to Haldirams and Bikaneerwala, but it’s not a chain and it is a whole lot tastier.  It’s sweets are certainly superior.

Find out more about what’s on offer from Evergreens by clicking here.  If you are impressed, you’ll be pleased to read Evergreen’s offers outside catering and there’s also a home delivery service for its sweets.   Dangerous, I know.

Keventers, the makers of extra special milkshakes are also worth a special mention.  This expanding franchise brand is making a name for itself at the moment with stores popping up all over the place.   At shop G53, opposite Evergreens, Keventers is doing good business, because it is good.

Next door to Keventers, there is a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop vying for your business When it comes to coffee, there’s a Costa and Cafe Coffee Day.    Costa wins hands down.  Once you’ve tried Cafe Coffee Day, you’ll know why. 

Super fruits at Shiv Sarker’s stall

At the far western end of the market, whenever I walk or drive past Shiv’s fruit stall my eyes get drawn away from where I am going.  Some seriously good looking fruit at this place.

Medical matters

The Aurobindo end of the strip transforms with healthcare providers taking over. Doctor’s surgery’s, ayurvedic medicine, dentists and a whole host of other stuff to keep you in tip top condition.  As you would expect, there’s plenty of chemists here too.

A bit of history and a place to think

If you want to complement your visit to Green Park Main Market with a bit of history, then check out the majestic Lodi era Chhoti Gumbad, Sakri Gumti,and Barah Khamba where market meets Haus Khas Village Road.


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