Market Guide: Mehar Chand Market


Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony (unimaginatively called 5th Avenue on the street signage) is home to some of the coolest shops and the hottest eateries in the capital.  It’s another South Delhi market where you should shop, eat and be seen.

One long strip of a street, Mehar Chand Market, is a challenger to Khan Market as the place to go for a great shopping experience and seriously scrumptious food.

Here’s a rundown of the best shops and what they’re selling, along with the delicious dining joints that get our vote on this hip, happening avenue. Running from north to south (low numbers at the northern end) here’s what you’ll find. (And don’t forget to check out the Street Art around here)

Dastkari Haat at number 12 – Handlooms, handicrafts and more at this store that moved from Khan Market to up and coming Mehar Chand Marg in 2016.  Good for gifts for friends and family and shawls.  It’s a specialist sari outlet if you need to dress up for a special occasion.

CMYX bookstore at number 16 – CMYK doesn’t only do books (which it does do a very comprehensive line in) there’s also office stationery, alarm clocks, calculators, mini binders, photo clips and other stuff.

Playclan at number 17 and 19Men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes, bags, accessories, art, decor, stationary and more at this store. There’s another branch of Playclan in trendy Hauz Khas Village and across at Khan Market.  Check out the website for more.


A firm expat favourite, Fab India’s stall on Merchand Marg is always popular

Fab India at number 21 and 22For over 50 years Fab India has working with artisens using traditional techniques to create contemporary coolness.  Women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes, home ware, furniture and personal care are part of its product list.  Fab India has over 220 stores in almost 90 cities (in 10 countries). Find the store nearest to you at this link.

Crazy Daisy at number 24 – Furniture, room decor, light and lamps along with table top accessories to liven up your lovely abode.  More about Crazy Daisy right here. You’ll love this stuff or you’ll loathe it.  Take a look and decide.

Nappa dori at number 25 – Top notch designer Gautam Sinha, voted as one of the five most creative talents in the Indian scene by the British Council in 2011, makes and sells cool wallets, bags, laptop bags, backpacks and other leather goods at his shop.  More about Gautam and Nappa Dori at the website

Nivasa is at number 27 – The flagship store of Furniture and Art store Nivasa combines wood and steel to make beautiful things.  The website says Nivasa has been set up exclusively for connoisseurs of design.  See if you are one by taking a look.

Navya is at number 33 – French style furniture at the front but there’s a lot more to this store when you walk to the back.  Navyag has proudly printed on its window that Everything is beautiful.  With beauty in the eye of the beholder, wander down and pass an opinion.  Here’s Facebook to give you an idea. 

Almirah at number 38 – Cool clothing, bedding and accessories for little boys and girls at this super cool (and cute) store.   Take a closer look at Almirah right here.  The perfect place to shop when looking for a special gift for a new parent.

Pia Pauro at number 40 – A resort wear designer that has gone global with her tribal inspired designs.  Catwalk fashion for discerning shoppers.  Stores, stockists and shipping all over the world .  More on the website

Soma Shop at number 46 and 47 – The art of block painting on textiles and fabrics at this famed store.  Takes traditional Rajasthani techniques into the contemporary age. Soma’s website for more.  Great for gifts for you.  For the family.  And friends.

Cottons and Satins is at number 50 – Traditional textiles and home furnishing given the Cottons and Satins twist.  More on Facebook.

Republic of Chicken at number 96 – This chain serves up freshly prepared chicken dishes to cook at home from a chain butchery.

House of Masaba at number 103 – Masaba Gupta’s flagship store at Mehar Chand Market is all about high end fashion and design.  She has 333k followers on instagram (at the last count).   Check out what she designs at the House of Masaba website.

Altitude Food Store at Number 110 and 116 – You need to eat.  Altitude offers organic produce sourced from all over India.  Check out what’s sold, from where and its credentials on this website.  Online shopping and delivery available.

(And don’t forget to check out the Street Art around here)

The Shop at number 122 – The Shop is a great shop. And a firm favourite amongst expats.  With two branches in Delhi  (the other is in CP), head on over to the shop for dining, bed, living, clothing, pottery and much, much more.  Check out The Shop’s website to get an idea if it is worth going.  We reckon it is.

Shades of India is at number 127 – Home Decor, apparel and other accessories can be found at the far end of Mehar Chand Marg at this much loved store.  Takes traditional crafts and skills to create contemporary coolness.  More on the website.

Party Poppers at number 105 – If you after party stuff to celebrate this place will help.

Cheese Ball at number 150 Cheese is important.  Really important.  Cheese Ball are the exclusive stockists of Flanders Diary Products and stock a wide range of Indian and international cheeses.  Find out more on the Cheese Ball website.

Excellent eateries (and some places to snack on cake!)

If you’re hungry and near Mehar Chand Marg you’ll be happy in no time.  It’s packed with amazing eateries that require more than one visit.  The only problem you’ll have is choosing which one to eat at first.Here’s a rundown of the ones at this market that get our vote.

Ganesha Sweethouse at number 19 –   Ganesha has got a reputation for sweets.  But go to the back of the shop, walk upstairs and you’ll travel up to a pure veg eatery that serves super aloo, bangin bhagan and top of the class Khadi paneer. Ganesha’s also serve up safe street snacks like samosa, bread pakora, aloo tikki as well as a fine line of chats.  Not flashy, but fun and yum.

Vintage at number 31 – Café & Bistro By NAVYA (the shop next door) has hand painted roses on the walls to give it an old world English charm.  Serves continental and Mediterranean cuisines.  Lunch and dinner, cake and coffee with outdoor terrace.  More on Facebook

MI Food Centre at number 43 – The MI Food Centre is an on the street kebab centre, situated next door to the butchers of the same name.  It’s simple, but it packs a punch. Look for the crowds and you’ll soon find this excellent  eatery.  MI Food Centre’s juicy chicken malai tikka kebab and mutton seekh kebab deserve a special mention.


MI Food Centre: A Delhi favourite for on street dining

Kunafa at number 70 – Serving up seriously scrumptious Mediterranean and middle eastern sweets, expertly prepared by Syrian & Jordanian chefs.  Kunafa claim that Baklava is an example of human ingenuity.  We agree.  Especially when it comes with a fine Turkish apple and mint tea.  Need a short shopping break?  Kunafa is the place to go to.

Elma’s Kitchen at number 73One of three outlets (the other’s in Hauz Khas Village and one is inside the Good Earth store at Saket City Walk), Elmas serves up sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and pastas.  Fine teas and cake for desert – for a mid shop stop .    Read more about Elma’s on their website.

Spiced by Diva at number 79 Mehar Chand Marg – Modern Asia cuisine served in  relaxed environment.  It’s tapas menu of dim sum and noodles means you can order a feast or take it easy and sample just a few things.  Fresh and healthy ingredients, it’s the lighter and healthier option.  Take a look at the menu right here.

Juneja at number 94 – Juneja’s black shop front is easy to walk by.  Our advice is stop, hunt and get yourself inside and experience some strong north Indian flavours in this fast moving restaurant.  Simple, clean and packed with locals at lunchtime – which tells you all you need to know.  Veg and Non Veg with thalis on offer for lunch.

Prantha Junction at number 100 – This might just be the best place on Mehar Chand Marg.  Dishes like Khanda Papad Paneer Tikka, Mutter Wali Tikka and Punjabi Tandoori Murg make it difficult to get past the starters and onto the mains.  Remember, to eat prantha (also spelt parantha).  It’s called Prantha Junction for a very good reason.   Oh yes, there’s also Giani ice cream outlet on the ground floor.  What more do you want?

If that isn’t enough for you food wise, then nearby Lodi Colony Main Market offers up some high end fine foreign dining establishments.  But if street dining and South Indian is more your thing, then Ma Durga street stall is a must eat at.  MA Durga used to be on Mehar Chand Marg, but moved on when it became trendy.  This is an honoury inclusion.

You made it!

It’s a long post, but you’ve made it.  Well done! Time to get out, look around Mehar Chand Marg and tuck into some tasty khana (food), no?

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