Discovering Delhi: Walks, tours and talks


If you want to get to know Delhi, its history, its people and its yummy street food, here’s ten excellent ways to explore the city. 

Delhi by Cycle

Founded by Dutchman Jack Leenaars in 2009, Delhi by Cycle of has established itself as a firm favourite amongst those that loves two wheels.  Take to the narrow lanes of the Old City (Shahjahan Tour), the wide boulevards of the new city (Raj Tour) or choose another tour from the exciting menu of cycle rides around this great city.  To book your bright orange cycle, head on over to the Delhi by Cycle website.

Salaam Balaak Trust (SBT) City Walk

Salaam Baalak Trust,a non-profit, non-governmental organization, has created a special walking tour to show visitors a different side of Delhi.  Led by adolescents who used to live on the streets of Delhi as children, this two hour tour shines a light on what life is like in and around Paharganj, Old Delhi, and the area surrounding New Delhi railway station.

Find out more about the walk, where you will go and the guides that make it all happen on the Salaam Balaak Trust walking tour web-page.

Indian Habitat Centre Walks

Once a month India’s premier cultural hub goes mobile and invites Dilliwalahs to go on a walk with one of its experts. Taking in the cities outstanding monuments, famous bird sanctuaries,  museums and art galleries and a whole lot more.  Find out more about what walks are on, where and when at this link.

Delhi Metro Walks

Founder Surekha Narin describes herself as a hard core Dilliwalla who creates specialized and imaginative historic tours. Explore the city’s vast range of architectural styles, hear its history and take in social and cultural tales from Surekha.  There’s also a food walk and events are tailored around the India’s many festivals and celebrations.  More information from Delhi Metro Walks website is right here.

Delhi Food Walk

Founded by foodie Anubhav Sapra in 2011, Delhi Food Walks has established itself as a favourite with those that love street food, love a story and want to get into the lanes of the old city. Delhi Food Walks lets you sample the history and stories of the old city as well as the palate of its people.    Read more about Delhi food walks at their website.

Walks with wildlife with the Conservation Education Centre

On the fringes of the massive Tughlakabad Fort, South Delhi, the 21 square kilometres of the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is home to over 200 species of birds, 10 species of mammals, 10 species of reptiles, eight amphibians and over 90 species of butterfly. It’s also home to the Conversation Education Centre, a which holds early morning weekend walks with naturalists twice a month.  Find out more on the Facebook Page

Reality Tours and Travel 

A relatively recent arrival, Reality Tours and Travel has taken its highly successful model from Mumbai and imported it into Delhi.   Young people have been trained as tour guides and take visitors around the city.  In addition to walks, there’s also cycle tours and trips out of the city.  Reality Tours and Travel website for more.


Intach (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) is a Non-Profit NGO that aims to stimulate and spearhead cultural awareness in India. The Delhi Chapter came into being over 30 years ago and has been busy making Dilliwalahs aware of city’s rich history ever since.  Its walks and talks  cover almost every inch of the city.  Find on more on Intach’s Heritage Walk website.

Seven cities

Seven Cities is run by expats for expats and gives new arrivals and those that are eager to explore the seven cities of Delhi) the chance to explore, meet new people, make friends and be a tour guide for a day.  Each spring and fall a new group starts.  For more information about seven cities, the schedule and how to register, click here.

Delhi Walking Festival

An annual event, the Delhi Walk Festival is a celebration of the city and its people. Hundreds of walks led by tens of experts cover almost every square inch of the capital.  Held in the cooler months, at the end of the calendar year, find out more at this festival website.

A little note about the providers mentioned in this post

Unlike some blogs and online sites, no payments or inducements of any kind have been received from any of the providers that arementioned in this post. 

Providers have either been used personally by the blogger or come highly recommended by those that I trust.  Namaste New Delhi wants to bring brilliant content to Dilliwalahs that has not been tarnished by talk of cash or any other type of incentive. 

It’s an honest blog in praise of Delhi by an expat that loves the city and likes to wander around. 

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