Tell me more about Lord Shiva

Wondering what Maha Shivratri on Friday 24th February is all about and who Lord Shiva is? Here’s a 101 introduction to Lord Shiva, the Lord of Dance, the husband of Parvati, the father of Ganesha and the God that saved the world but turned blue in the process.

Lohri – The Bonfire Festival

Lohri is big. It’s bigger than Holi, the festival of colours, for many north Indians. With the sun at its furthest point from the earth, the Rabi (winter crop) harvested and the cold weather settling in, it’s time to celebrate nature’s bounty with loved ones and keep warm by the bonfire.

Exploring India: Olympics Punjab Style

The Kila Raipur Sports Festival, popularly known as the Rural Olympics, is the main event in the Punjab’s sporting calendar. Every year thousands compete to be crowned champions at events including Bullock Cart Racing, Tent Pegging and Loading and Offloading a trolley of paddy. Sounds amazing, no?

Holy Cow! It’s Lord Krishna’s birthday

It’s Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday) and it’s time to celebrate. Today’s blog post pays tribute Lord Krishna on his birthday with some cows facts, some cow fiction and a some cow and bull photographs. Lord Krishna, the Lord of Love and an avatar of Lord Vishnu, frequently depicted playing a flute with a herd of…

Five fun August festivals

Are you ready?  I hope so.  A busy few months of festivals and celebrations is about to begin. This month there’s five dates to mark in the diary.   Namaste New Delhi’s guide will give you all the information you need to know about what’s happening, when, where and why. Here goes. Teej will be celebrated…

Think about these 4 things

There’s lots of exciting things to think about when planning an adventure in India.  There’s so many magical things to see that it’s easy to forget about some of the more mundane stuff.  I always make the time to think about four things before planning a trip. Safety and Security I’ve always felt safe and…