Food Review – Delhi’s best Mughlai kitchens

Karim’s in Shahjahanabad is in all the guide books, but there’s so much more to Mughlai food in Delhi than this one kitchen. Wondering where to go to get the best kebabs, korma and roomali roti? Read our guide to the best Mughlai kitchens in the city.


Great cheese shops & awful cheese jokes

Here’s some great cheese shops in Delhi and some terrble cheese jokes worthy of any Christmas cracker. Are you ready? What kind of cheese do you use to disguise a small horse?

Eating India a dish at a time

Can you describe a typical Indian dish?  I used to think that I could, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Indian cuisine is as varied as everything else in the country.  India offer foodies the chance to try something different every day.  I am spoiled for choice. Talk to someone from Tamil Nadu and…

Delhi’s luxurious dining rooms

From street food to fine dining, I’m aiming to eat my way across the capital.  There’s a lot of eating to be done and I’ve appointed myself as the man to do it.  I know, it’s a tough job. I best get on with it. This blog post leaves behind the delights of street food…

Five yummy AC eaterys

Street food is a serious business, but with the humidity rising taking to the streets to sample Delhi’s dazzling array of street snacks isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. So for those that want to feel the comfort of AC but not loose touch with street, here’s five places where you can tuck into tasty street…