Watch out! Keep your eyes open

After putting my size 11 shoes on a puppy, nearly putting my foot on a pig while taking a photo of a cow and then seeing a man pulled out of a manhole cover, it’s easily to appreciate why keeping your eyes open and wits about you is important when walking around Delhi’s streets.

Exploring India – Hit the road

Travelling by car is cheap, but Indian roads can be physically and mentally tiring.¬† Take your time, pack some common sense and some excellent road trips await. Many people employ or hire drivers, but driving around yourself shouldn’t be feared. I’ve been behind the wheel for a while now and I’m loving it. ¬†There have…

I can’t see, but did someone just say smog?

In 2015 Delhi won the dubious award as the worst city in the world for PM2.5 pollution. The Indian capital didn’t perform quite as (un)impressively when it came to PM10s, but still scored well enough (or is that badly) enough to achieve a throat clearing 7th in the world rankings.