Exploring India: Festivals and fairs in March

This month is not all about holi. Sure, a lot of colours are about to be thrown around, but there’s also a yoga festival in Rishikesh, a water festival in Rajasthan and a Buddhist ritual in enjoy in Sikkim. Find out more inside.

Amazing camel art at Nagaur Cattle Fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair is famed for bulls and cows, but the camels that come to the fair also cause a stir. The artwork that’s crafted onto their hairy bodies puts what’s on show at the famous Pushkar Camel fair in the shade.

The amazing sounds and sights of the Jodhpur RIFF 2016

The Jodhpur RIFF Folk Festival promised loads and didn’t disappoint. The coming together of history and tradition and music and dance, combined with Rajasthani hospitality at the majestic Mehrangarh Fort was match made in heaven. Kicking yourself because you missed it? Fear not. A Sufi Festival is happening here early next year. So, pick up a pen and make a mark in your diary.