Market Guide: Shahpur Jat

An Urban Village in the heart Delhi, Shahpur Jat is located near to the walls of the ancient city of Siri Fort. Home to fashion boutiques, upcoming eateries and other trendy shops, it’s a cool quarter for Delhi’s upwardly mobile.


Market Guide: Basant Lok

Basant Lok (also known as Vasant Lok), is a wonderful place. Bless the four storey Osaba Emporium.  It’s a stairway to heaven for household appliances and reputedly stocks 3,000 separate lines; including some decent tuppaware that I spent hours searching for when I first arrived. There’s also some of the New Capital Region’s (NCR) best…

Market Guide: INA

INA stands for either the Indian National Army Market  or India National Airlines Market, depending on who you want to believe. I’ve no idea what the answer is. What I can tell you INA is a great place to get to know. If you need something and are not sure where to get it, then…